Amigurumi crochet red apple
Amigurumi crochet red apple by Fernanda’s Craft

Today we make a super easy crochet amigurumi realistic apple to decorate your bookshelf or use as a keychain.

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  • Crochet hook size 1.5 mm
  • Soft fiberfill material (Polyester)
  • Sewing needle, scissors and stitch marker
  • Red 100% cotton yarn 8/4
  • Brown 100% cotton yarn 8/4
  • Green 100% cotton yarn 8/4


Pattern is written using standard US crocheting terms


MR magic ring
CH chain stitch, make N chain stitches
SS slip stitch
SC single crochet stitch
INC SC increase (2 SC into the same stitch)
DEC SC decrease (SC 2 stitches together)
H half double crochet
HINC 2 half double crochet in the same stitch
F.O fasten off
(…)*N repeat instructions described in the brackets N times in that round asterisks into the same stitch
(…) total amount of stitches in a round



Crochet in spiral rounds

When you crochet in spiral rounds you do not turn or join the round. Use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of each round. Move the marker up each time you start a new round. Alternative for stitch marker: you can use different colored yarn for stitch markers too, just place it into the stitch of every row/round as you go.

Closing up a piece of circular crochet

When you wish working a piece of circular crochet that forms a 3-D-object, you must close the small hole that remains. This is normally completed after stuffing the piece.

1. Cut the yarn, leaving a long yarn end. Draw the end through the nal loop on the hook and thread.
it onto a tapestry needle.
2. Insert the needle under the front loop of each stitch around the opening, so the needle goes from.
the center of the hole to the outside.
3. Pull the tail tight to close the hole. To weave in the loose end insert the needle through the middle.
of the ring you’ve created and push it through the crochet piece. Cut off the end.


Yarn Under or Hook Over or Cross Stitch = like X stitches
1. insert hook though stitch, grab yarn with hook, with hook on top. Pull though stitch. (In regular SC you would wrap the yarn over the hook)
2. with 2 loops on hook. Grab yarn with hook on top, and pull yarn through both loops.
Note: turns out the X shaped single crochet stitches are more tightly packed and leave less gaps around stitches. This is perfect for items that need to be firmly stuffed so no filling shows or leaks out. The tension tends to be a little tighter. You may need to adjust your hook size accordingly.

Invisible decrease

Insert hook into FLO of the indicated st and into FLO of next st, YO, pull through both front loops, YO, pull through both loops on hook.


With red color
R1: 6 SC in MR (6)
R2: 6 INC (12)
R3: 12 SC (12)
R4: (SC, INC)*6 (18)
R5: (2 SC, INC)*6 (24)
R6: (3 SC, INC)*6 (30)
R7: (4 SC, INC)*6 (36)
R8: (5 SC, INC)*6 (42)
R9: (6 SC, INC)*6 (48)
R10-12: 48 SC (3R) (48)
R13: (6 SC, DEC)*6 (42)
R14-15: 42 SC (2R) (42)
R16: (5 SC, DEC)*6 (36)
R17-18: 36 SC (2R) (36)
R19: (4 SC, DEC)*6 (30)
R20-21: 30 SC (2R) (30)
R22: (3 SC, DEC)*6 (24)
R23: (2 SC, DEC)*6 (18)
R24: (SC, DEC)*6 (12)
R25: 6 DEC (6)


With brown color, 10 CH
R1: SS in 2nd chain from hook and in each remaining chain


With green color. 5 CH
R1: H in 2nd chain from hook, 1 INCH, H, 2 SC, 1 H, 1 INCH, 1 H, 1 SS

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