An important question asked when starting to crochet or knit amigurumi is: how much yarn do I really need to finish this amigurumi project? This is a problem that many Crocheters face from the beginning.

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This doubt arises not only when we have to buy yarn, but also when we want to use yarn that we already have at home. Many people make a living selling amigurumi and knowing exactly how much yarn makes a big difference in calculating the selling price. Other people, on the other hand, would like to know the amount of yarn needed for their project simply to support sustainability.

So, I created this amigurumi yarn calculator that will help you complete your next project, minimizing waste and making your product more competitive in the amigurumi market.


  1. Choose the type of yarn you want to use: for example “Fine”.
    Thin type yarn is also called Baby or Sporty yarn.
  2. Choose hook type: for example 1.50 mm.
  3. Find the total number of stitches: the total number in your amigurumi design template or exemple 1400 stitches. To find the total number of stitches in your motif, you need to read the motif and add up the stitch count at the end of each row.
  4. Enter the total stitches: for example 1400.
  5. Now click the “calculate” button: to get the total yarn for your amigurumi project. The result should be: 19.4 meters of yarn are needed. So we rounded it off and we need about 20 meters of yarn.


This calculation is approximate and does not consider the tension that each one has when crocheting amigurumi, so for the best result, round up.
So, we know that there are many other types of yarn like superfine, light, medium and so on. But at the moment we only have the “Fine” type yarn calculation available. But if you want the calculation for other yarn types too, leave me a comment below this post!

Now that you have the total amount of yarn you need for your amigurumi project, let me know what you think 🙂


Good job!

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