Many people seem to have a bit of a confusion in figuring out how to buy the Coraline doll pattern in amigurumi?  So I thought I’d explain it with this tutorial so that I can refer to it again whenever people send me an email asking for help in the future.

To buy my Coraline pattern is simple. First check the necessary skills below. If you want to understand better about skills see this post by clicking on here

Abbreviations and skills

Magic ring/magic circle (MR)
Chain stitch (CH)
SC = Single crochet
INC = Increase
DEC = Decrease
ST = Stitch
SL = ST/SS Slip stitch
FLO = Front loop/only
BLO = Back loop/only
K/SK = Skip
Fasten off open ends (F.O)
T = Turn
+ = Plus
* = Repeat
( ) = Repeat instructions within parenthesis
3SC = 3 Single crochet in the same stitch
HINC = 2 half double crochet in the same stitch
3HDC = 3 half double crochet in the same stitch
H or HDC = half double crochet

Additionally, you will need to know some advanced techniques in amigurumi and crochet, such as:

Crochet in spiral round, row and joined round
Back post single crochet (Bpsc)
Shift Stitch = 1 SC
Crochet at the same time on both sides 
Work in back loops of foundation chain
How to attach arms and
How to connect the doll legs
Work into the back bump of the chains
Work a elastic band or also called Rubber band
Right(RS) and Wrong(WS) side
Popcorn stitch
Cross stitch

Where to buy the Coraline doll pattern?

You can purchase my pieces and recipes via the Etsy shop by clicking on here.

How to pay and download the PDF file from e-mail?

Shipping: after the payment successfully processes, you will receive an automatic email notification letting you know the file is ready on the Downloads page.

Delivery: go to your Etsy account after the automatic email notification. There you will see a link “View your files” click and go to the downloads page. There you can download the files associated with your order.

How to download your digital file from Etsy

How to download your digital file from Etsy – Fernanda’s Etsy Shop amigurumi

1- Log in to your Etsy account
2- Click on “You” (top right)
3- Choose “Purchases and reviews”
4- Find the order. Click on “Download Files” (to the right of the order)
5- The file will go to your “Downloads” folders

This patterns is a PDF and you will need Adobe Reader to open it, this is free to download.

Note: the post will be further updated with any missing or additional information!

I hope this clears up any remaining confusion about how to buy the Coraline doll pattern in amigurumi.


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