The Scarecrow is a typical decoration for Halloween, and this beautiful Amigurumi crochet doll will be a beautiful addition to your scary Halloween!

You can find my version on my Etsy shop , both as a doll already made with Amigurumi crochet crochet technique ready for shipment, both as a recipe (called “Pattern”) that you can make yourself! (NB. The Pattern is coming soon).
Through Etsy you can either buy the recipe immediately available as a download of a file that can be viewed free of charge on all computers and phones, or via mailing worldwide.

Scarecrow Halloween

The recipes are written with the standard English codes, I have added many photos to explain the steps, and also detailed notes to remove any doubts; if you contact me I can also send you a translated version in Italian, Portuguese or Norwegian.
The realization is very simple, and for those who start this hobby I am available for any clarification if any step is not clear.
Also find interesting videos on my youtube channel “Fernanda’s craft room” and I suggest you follow me on my Instagram channel “Fernanda’s craft”.

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