BPsc in round

Many people seem to have a bit of a confusion in figuring out what does Back Post Single Crochet (BPsc) mean? So I thought I’d explain it with this tutorial so that I can refer to it again whenever people send me an email asking for help in the future.

In my Coraline’s doll 2 – New Look pattern , you will find instructions for working in BPsc, that is, in Back Post Single Crochet.

But what does it mean?

The Back Post Single Crochet is a post stitch and can be worked in row or round.

BPsc in row






BPsc in row

This means the stitch is worked into the row below, around the post of the lower stitch. This creates a subtly textured edge and super nice for the sole for the shoe of the doll.

How to do the BPsc stitch (in round)

  1. Insert the hook from back to front of stitch working into.
  2.  Insert the hook from front to back of next stitch.
  3. Yarn over and pull up a loop thru both stitches (2 loops on hook).
  4. Yarn over and complete single crochet, Back Post single crochet made.

You can learn how to work with this tutorial on how to do Back Post Single Crochet (BPsc).

NOTE: do not worry! I will do the BPSC step by step with images and a short video with all the necessary movements to make this stitch. The video and images soon arrived here in this post!

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  1. Then, follow the first post in the series The Amigurumi manual and crochet that has news coming!

That’s all there is to it! Hope this clears up any remaining confusion about Back Post Single Crochet (BPsc).


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