Many people seem to have a bit of a confusion in figuring out which is The Right and The Wrong side of Amigurumi? So I thought I’d explain it with this tutorial so that I can refer to it again whenever people send me an email asking for help in the future.

In my patterns, you’ll find instructions for working on “right” or “wrong” side, or both.

The wrong side on the amigurumi work – Fernanda’s Craft

But what does it mean?

Amigurumi are usually crocheted in the round, in a continuous spiral, meaning that the two sides of the crochet fabric will look completely different. When crocheting to make amigurumi, the right side is the most textured surface and has a repeating pattern of “V” or “X” shapes throughout. The opposite side is the wrong side and has horizontal bars instead of the “V” pattern.

The right side of the amigurumi is decided by convention only and has no further ramifications for the amigurumi crochet. This way, you can choose the side that faces outward, turning the piece inside out at any time before closing it and continuing to spiral. It doesn’t really matter which side is facing out, unless you want to use the “invisible decrease” technique, in which the “right side” of the fabric must face outward so that the decreases are invisible.

Decrease technique when working from the wrong (WR) side or in BLO from (RS)

You can learn how to work with this tutorial on how to do invisible decrease. It’s also useful for invisible decrease on the wrong side.



In short, when making an amigurumi piece, the right side (RS) of your work is the side facing you. The opposite side is the wrong side (WS). Another important thing is that most patterns will also tell you which side will be the right side and the wrong side.

NOTA: If you are left handed then it will be the opposite of what is described here.

That’s all there is to it! Hope this clears up any remaining confusion about how to flatten and attach these pieces to your amigurumi.

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That’s all there is to it! Hope this clears up any remaining confusion about right and wrong side.


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