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My heart stopped when I saw my amigurumi there! I just found a website that is using my images/photos (Imaginary Character of the Coraline Doll) to advertise and promote their own business 🙁
I found a page full of “Coraline” amigurumi crochet dolls. There are two photos of me (with the Fernanda’s Craft logo) but I also found a photo of other designers, as well.

For those who do or support this sort of thing (plagiarism, copying, stealing)

In my opinion, this is a very bad idea on numerous levels, because if you cannot crochet an amigurumi and take a quick photo of the final product to publicize it, I have little trust in your ability to create a quality amigurumi. Consequently you lose credibility in my point of view! Using another’s image, without their permission is still breaking the rules, even if your final product is beautiful.
If you think you will be able to use it because you found it on Google, this, in my view, is not true.

For those who are Handmade work customer or support

The Internet has made our job as designers a lot easier, but on the other hand, it’s also made it a lot easier to deceive people. It’s even possible sometimes to buy a product based on a photo only to discover later that it doesn’t look anything like the picture. I’m not sure, but another possibility is that you won’t get anything!
So pay attention my dear customer with these sites!

Let it be clear!

  • I sell only through the ETSY platform
  • I have no collaborations with brands or other designers
  • I don’t share my amigurumi patterns that are for sale on my ETSY store
  • I don’t authorize the sale, copying in full or in parts of my amigurumi patterns that are available for sale on my ETSY store. Because, it’s for personal use only. Reproduction and distribution of the pattern without written permission is prohibited. But you can sell the finished product. But please don’t use my photos!
  • I don’t authorize the use of my amigurumi photos present in my ETSY store, in my blog and on social networks. That is, for commercial purposes and not even for the promotion of your own business.
  • Finally, I don’t authorize and do not agree with the plagiarism of my handmade creations, such as amigurumi, crochet and knitting, videos, post, images, photos, etc.

You can sell the finished product, but please don’t use my photos! Because it can confuse people and create the illusion that I made the article of amigurumi.
You can purchase my pieces and recipes via the Etsy shop by clicking on here.

How to recognize an unsafe website?

  • Pay close attention to the address bar and the URL
    Check if the site is protected by looking at the address bar (URL) to see if there is an “s” in the URL, which should look like this “https://”
  • Check domain name
    Scammers tend to create “similar” domain names to trick the user into thinking they are on a legitimate website.
  • Pay attention to customer feedback and comments
    See how recent these feedbacks are and the differences and similarities between them.
  • Check the contact page
    Such as: phone, email, chat and address.
  • Use Who is Lookup domain tracker
    Use Who is to get information like who the registered domain name is, where they are, and how long the site has been active.
  • Pay attention to bad grammar and spelling
    Check for excessive spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. Occasional types on a website can happen, but excessive errors can mean you are not on a legitimate website.

Well, I believe there is always something new to learn, and each person has their own process, I even had a class today 🙁
Best practice is to always ask for permission and you’re making a post using other people’s work. Well, at the end of the day, it’s all about ethics and respect for the work of others.

Share this post! Because the more we know and do the right thing, the better we make the experience for the entire creator community.
Thank you for supporting my small business, every order, like, subscribe to my channel and share of posts (non-commercial purposes) is greatly appreciated.

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