Do you want to make a beautiful and original gift to your child, friend or relative? Or a collector’s piece, a unique piece, of high quality?
At the same time, do you want something that you can wash, tear and last over time?

I recommend these beautiful handmade works of the Amigurumi, made with Crochet technique! Best gift ever!

You can find them on my Etsy shop “FernandasCraftRoom”, but you can also contact me directly, since they are produced by me!
You can also buy the Patterns (like this), or the recipes to make them yourself, obviously it requires knowledge of the basic techniques of Crochet and Amigurumi.

What are you waiting for? Amaze your friends with a fairytale gift! I assure you that live they are extremely more beautiful than in photos! The dimensions vary between 15 and 30 cm, the arms and legs are flexible, and the larger ones also hold the position, they can be seated, and they can stand upright!

Here are some examples

One thought on “Best gift ever – Amigurumi dolls handmade with Crochet technique”

  1. Good morning, it is possible to order a personalized amigurumi? I need it Good morning, it’s possible for the 13th of July.. Thank you Valeria

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