If you can crochet or would like to learn, but would like to achieve something unique, useful but also fun, then you are in the right place!

The fashion of Amigurumi, or crochet dolls, has spread for some years. This means that it is possible to make dolls, but also original crocheted key rings, in a simple but very satisfying way, as you can then give a beautiful gift to your children, grandchildren or friends! So for Christmas and birthdays you can make not only the usual things like scarves, sweaters, clothes, but you can amaze with something really fantastic.

“Blue Bella”, a unique and unforgettable gift

They are also made with all safety measures, such as the eyes that cannot be detached and therefore become dangerous. Then being in cotton (or wool) they can also be washed by hand or in the washing machine. Some dolls can be seated, others hold the position (like Barbie, to understand each other) or remain standing, but also make the “rattle” for children. In short, there is something for all tastes!

When children hold one of these works, they fall in love with it. Adults collect them.

The realization times vary from 2 to 40 hours, based on the size and complexity.
The stitches (also called stitches) are the same as those of the crochet hook, only the technique changes. Learning is simple, you can find many videos in many languages ​​on youtube. At the beginning it takes a little patience, but then the result will return the efforts.
But how do you start? Well, first of all you have to choose a model, which is recommended not too small (it becomes technically complicated) nor too large (too much work, and at the beginning if you are wrong… well… you have to do it again).
To understand each other, here is an example of some “Fernanda Craft Room”, which can be purchased ready from Etsy, a famous online craft shop, basically an “Amazon of crafts”, which ships all over the world (for more information click on the images).

NB. At the bottom of the page you can select the language and currency you want to use. Shipping takes place immediately, and arrives in about 2-3 weeks.

Amigurumi collection ready to buy on Etsy (by Fernanda Craft)

An idea of ​​the models to be created can also be found on the Instagram channel, such as here, to which you can subscribe and receive updates on the latest creations.

To make the model with us, we will need a pattern, which consists of the list of instructions for making the model, to be followed to the letter, like a recipe .
There are also free patterns, but the best, well commented, with step-by-step photos for the more complicated steps, cost very little (the most expensive arrive up to $ 5, but the average is $ 1-2) and they also save a lot of time and frustration. Especially at the beginning it is very important to have a guide as precise as possible, in order to have fun and have satisfaction immediately!

Here is an example of some patterns, always available on Etsy, which will send you a standard PDF file in your inbox, which you can open on all mobile phones or computers, and also want to print on paper.

Piglet, Winnie The Pooh’s best friend
Harry Potter, and I don’t think he needs an introduction
Teddy bear with pajamas, the best friend of children (from 6 months upwards)

Who provides the patterns usually also provides support for any questions or unclear passages, and very often also has a youtube channel with resources and tutorials, such as this.

How about surprising someone?

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