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For this pattern (Blue Doll With Amigurumi Technique in gothic style – Gorjuss) I used only cotton mercerized yarn group 2 for the body, hair and dress. If you’d like to use anyother kind of yarn, please do, but keep in mind that different kind of yarns give different results! It’s recommended that you use the same yarn brand or thickness for all colours.
Otherwise the yarn thickness could cause a gauge difference.
You should also know the basics of the amigurumi and crochet technique. This pattern is very easy to make once you get the hang of it!

Use crochet hook 1.50 mm. The doll will be anything between 29 cm and depending on how tight/loose you crochet. The abbreviations I used are common US terms. If a
line says “(2 sc, inc)*N” then it means you’ll have to repeat the action inside the ( ) until end of round and continue the action after the comma.
3 SC means you make 1 single crochet in the next stitches. 3SC means you have to make 3 single crochet in 1 stitch.


DESIGNER: Fernanda’s Craft
SKILL LEVEL: advanced
FINISHED MEASUREMENTS: ~29 cm height (~11.0″) from bottom of the feet to the\ top of the hair – depends on the yarn and hook used
PATTERN: printable PDF-File / 19 pages with detailed pictures
LANGUAGE: English US terms

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Inside the pattern you will find how to make this doll, each procedure is explained complete with tutorials pictures 80+. So, that you won’t find it complicated.

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description that they are designed by Fernanda’s Craft.Furthermore, it is not possible to reproduce, photocopy, sell, distribute any part of my pattern.


Crochet hook size 1.5 mm
Soft fiberfill material (Polyester)
Sewing needle, scissors and stitch marker
Embroidery thread in brown and black
Skin mercerized 100% cotton yarn 8/4 Järbo (code 2200) 50g group 2
Black mercerized 100% cotton yarn 8/4 Järbo (code 2212) 50g group 2
Petrol green mercerized 100% cotton yarn 8/4 Järbo (code 32011) 50g group 2

ABBREVIATIONS: Pattern is written using standard US crocheting terms

MR – magic ring
ST(s) – stitch(es)
ch – chain stitch, make N chain stitches
SLST – slip stitch ( insert hook in indicated stitch, YO and pull through both loops on hook)
SC – single crochet stitch (Insert hook in indicated stitch, YO, pull through loop, YO and pull through both loops on hook)
INC – SC increase (2 SC into the same stitch)

DEC – SC decrease (SC 2 stitches together)
Invisible decrease = (insert hook into FLO of the indicated st and into FLO of next st, YO, pull through both front loops, YO, pull through both loops on hook
Regular decrease = (crochet next 2 stitches together into 1 stitch by pulling up a loop through both stitches and crocheting the loops together)
Note: if not indicated otherwise, make the decrease invisible!
DEC(BL) – SC decrease for WRONG SIDE (SC 2 stitches together into back loop) invisible decrease into back

BLO – back loop only, crochet through back loops only. If BLO is marked after the round number, crochet the entire round through BLO. If BLO is in the middle of a sentence between commas, crochet only the indicated stitches BLO.
FLO – front loop only (crochet through front loops only. If FLO is marked after the round number, crochet the entire round through FLO. If FLO is in the middle of a sentence between commas, crochet only the indicated sts FLO.

HDC – half double crochet stitch (YO, insert hook in indicated stitch, pull through loop, YO, pull through ll 3 loops on hook)
HINC – 2 half double crochet in the same stitch

SK or K – skip one stitch or more if it is indicated F.O. – fasten off (Cut the yarn, leaving about a 4 (10 cm) tail, and pull this tail all the way through the top of the last stitch made)
(…)*N – repeat instructions described in the brackets N times in that round asterisks into the same stitch
(…) – total amount of stitches in a round

YO – Yarn Over = like V stitches

YU – Yarn Under or Hook Over or Cross Stitch = like X stitches
1.insert hook though stitch, grab yarn with hook, with hook on top. Pull though stitch. (In regular sc you would wrap the yarn over the hook)
2.With 2 loops on hook. Grab yarn with hook on top, and pull yarn through both loops.
Note: turns out the X shaped single crochet stitches are more tightly packed and leave less gaps around stitches. This is perfect for items that need to be firmly stuffed so no filling shows or leaks out. The tension tends to be a little tighter. You may need to adjust your hook size accordingly.

RS – right side
WS – wrong side

LOOP – (insert hook into BLO of the indicated stitch and into BLO of next stitch, YO, pull through both back loops, YO, pull through both loops on hook
N SC / N DC / N hdc / N slst = crochet one SC / DC/ hdc / slst in the following N stitches
R OR rnd(s) – round(s)



Crochet in spiral rounds
When you crochet in spiral rounds you do not turn or join the round. Use a stitch marker to mark the
beginning of each round. Move the marker up each time you start a new round.
Alternative for stitch marker: you can use different colored yarn for stitch markers too, just place it
into the rst stitch of every row/round as you go.

Crochet in rows
When you crochet rows you need to turn your work, make 1 (2) turning chain(s), if the next row starts
with a SC (hdc). If the turning chain(s) count as stitch or not is indicated in the row.

Closing up a piece of circular crochet
When you nish workinga piece of circular crochet that forms a 3-D-object, you must close the small
hole that remains. This is normally completed after stuf ng the piece.

1. Cut the yarn, leaving a long yarn end. Draw the end through the nal loop on the hook and thread
it onto a tapestry needle.
2. Insert the needle under the front loop of each stitch around the opening, so the needle goes from
the center of the hole to the outside.
3. Pull the tail tight to close the hole. To weave in the loose end insert the needle through the middle
of the ring you’ve created and push it through the crochet piece. Cut off the end.

About me
Hi, I’m the owner of Fernanda’s Craft.
I started my amigurumi adventures around 2016
and I’m not going to stop anytime soon 🙂
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I believe that in these bizarre and uncertain times it is important to discover items that make you feel happy and at peace and this doll is one of them. So take advantage of National Doll Day, August 7th, and buy my Pattern on Etsy and remember: everything that is handmade is said to be done with the heart 🙂

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Also in my youtube channel “Fernanda’s craft room” you will find many explanatory videos, some on the basic concepts of Amigurumi, some on advanced techniques, and some details of the dolls I made.

Wish your every day be a good day!

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