In this article I will try to answer to the most common question about Amigurumi. I hope you will enjoy it! Let me know if you are curious about something not covered here!
You can find examples of the Amigurumi I mention in the article on my Etsy shop “Fernanda’s Craft Room” or my Youtube video channel “Fernanda’s Craft Room” with a lot of content, like tutorials, free patterns, and more.

Are Amigurumi safe for babies?

Yes, if they are made keeping this in mind, like mine! An Amigurumi should have special safety eyes, or embroidered details, like I do. Every Amigurumi in my shop have information about the minimum age they target.

Are Amigurumi hard to make? How to knit Amigurumi? How/Where to start with Amigurumi

No, but you need to know the basic techniques, that I explain on my channel! If you already can crochet, then in few days you can make your own Amigurumi. Keep in mind that you need to start with simple dolls, not too big – as it requires a lot of time – but either not too small – that requires you master the techniques, as it must be very precise and you don’t have space for mistakes.
You can find some easy to make patterns on my Etsy shop, like “Baby dragon”, with a full set of videos, starting from zero, perfect for a beginner.

What are Amigurumi patterns?

Amigurumi patterns are documents containing a full step-by-step description of a pattern to make an Amigurumi doll. Usually they contain a lot of pictures too. The pattern is made using common crochet terms, that are usually standard worldwide. The Terms can change in the name/abbreviation, but the technique is the same.

What are Amigurumi animals?

There is a wide range of animals made with Amigurumi technique, the limit is only your imagination!

How big are Amigurumi?

The size of an Amigurumi can vary between few centimeters up to the size of a person! Just change needle and thread size 🙂

Can you wash Amigurumi?

Yes, but according to the instructions. Some are made in cotton, some in wool, some are also painted. So there is not a rigid rule, but it depends on the specific Amigurumi. Usually the stuffing is made with polyester. I like to make mine using washable products, so your baby can sleep with it, and then you can wash it (for hygiene).

What about Amigurumi and allergies?

Usually are pretty safe, but you will find more info in the instructions: you will find there which materials are used. The safer is to chose organic cotton and polyester for the stuffing. It depends on the specific Amigurumi, so it’s best to ask to the maker. Stay away from cheap dolls: an high quality and safe doll cannot be cheap.

Can you make an Amigurumi for me?

Yes, but it’s rather expensive, as it requires a lot of work hours. A cheaper solution is to buy a pre-made doll from my shop. They are all unique pieces, as I don’t do series-production dolls.

Amigurumi: how to change color? how to sew together? how to attach limbs? how to decrease? how to embroider eyes?

These and many many other techniques are explain in my video tutorial you can find on my Youtube channel.

What amigurumi means?

You can find an extended explanation in my previous article “Amigurumi and crochet manual | History and introduction to Amigurumi”.

What yarn is best to use for Amigurumi?

I have already a detailed article about this topic: Review | Which yarn to use for Amigurumi and crochet dolls?.

What do I need to make an Amigurumi?

First of all, you need patience! Then in every pattern you will find a detailed list of materials you will need. For example, for a pretty simple pattern like “Cute Bunny” you will need:

  • Hook (crochet) 150 mm (better 130 mm for Rainbow yarn)
  • 4x 8/4 yarn with different colors (ref. the pattern)
  • One pair of 8mm safety eyes
  • Brown thread for embroidery
  • Sewing needle
  • Sewing thread
  • Scissors
  • Point marker

Usually what you need for the first pattern can be reused for all of them, basically it will vary only the set of yarns. I have hundred of different yarns (which differ in material, color and size), but that’s me 🙂

What hook size I need for Amigurumi

It depends about how big you want the Amigurumi doll. Bigger the hook (and yarn), bigger the doll, and viceversa. Each pattern will tell you the dimension of the doll, and with which hook/yarn is made. Do you want a bigger doll? Just use a bigger hook/yarn. But keep in mind that the stitch will be more “visible”.

More questions?

Do you have more questions? Just leave a comment and I will try to answer as soon as possible!

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