Piglet, Winnie the Pooh’s best friend, is much loved by children as he is very sweet and funny.

Together with Winnie and her friends he lives in the “Hundred Acre Wood”; he lives alone in an acorn tree, also because living together at Winnie’s house didn’t go very well!
In the cartoon episodes he is always very generous with others, he loves to lend a hand to his friends when he has the opportunity and he participates when it comes to helping someone by proving himself more courageous than he seems!

My version of Piglet can be found on my Etsy shop, as a doll already made with Amigurumi crochet crochet technique ready for shipment, and as two different recipes (called “Pattern” in English), based on the size you want to make!
Through Etsy you can either buy the recipe immediately available as a download of a file that can be viewed free of charge on all computers and phones, or via mailing worldwide.

The recipes are written with the standard English codes, I have added many photos to explain the steps, and also detailed notes to remove any doubts; if you contact me I can also send you a translated version in Italian, Portuguese or Norwegian.
The realization is very simple, and for those who start this hobby I am available for any clarification if any step is not clear.
Also find interesting videos on my youtube channel “Fernanda’s craft room” and I suggest you follow me on my Instagram channel “Fernanda’s craft”.

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