Brown Bear amigurumi – Fernanda’s Craft

Hello friends! Can you believe that the time for Back to School is almost here? Whether you’re excited about it (hello, moms and dads!) Or not (be cool, teachers), you can still use it as an excuse to crochet!

This tiny bear keychain is such a quick and fun amigurumi project! You can easily mount this little guy in a couple of hours. Not only is it a cute keychain, it would also make a perfect backpack zipper charm or even a lovely gift to give to class teachers, for example.

As usual, this little amigurumi is made in the same style as our motifs as our normal amigurumi, i.e. in spirals.

Brown Bear amigurumi – Fernanda’s Craft

The finished measurement is approximately ~ 12cm high and ~ 8.0 “wide. Of course, this amigurumi ursetto would also be adorable if turned into a jumbo version! In this case, just use a thicker yarn and a bigger crochet gancho to get a big bear to hug and love!

Make this personalized keychain in the shape of a crochet bear with the amigurumi technique and attach it where you want to always accompany you. A beautiful accessory for your bag, backpack or keychain. Click “here” for more detailed information.
This pendant is also a perfect gift, for little girls, teen girls or big girls, who doesn’t go crazy for these creatures ?!
Crochet cotton bear in any color you want. A brown like chocolate or simply colored. The choice of wool scarf is yours.

The Pattern

Brown Bear amigurumi – Fernanda’s Craft

If you are dying to make this cute keychain bear, buy my recipe that I made for you always available on my Etsy shop!
The price is negligible and also remember that you can contact me for any clarification you need (in Italian, Portuguese, English or Norwegian).

For example you can find other Patterns about:

Don’t miss my videos

Also in my youtube channel “Fernanda’s craft room” you will find many explanatory videos, some on the basic concepts of Amigurumi, some on advanced techniques, and some details of the dolls I made.

Surprise a loved one today with this cute keychain amigurumi bear today!

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