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Hi guys, following the countless requests you made me, I uploaded a video about which yarn to use for Amigurumi and crochet dolls . In the video I show the colors in detail, I talk about the supplier and the quality of the yarn, especially for the dolls. But I wanted to leave something written here on the blog for those who love to read instead of watching videos.

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Below is a brief summary of the video

The thread I use to make my dolls today, but also (almost) always, is the mercerized and gassed Järbo 8/4 . You probably haven’t heard much about this yarn, but it’s incredibly popular here in Scandinavia , but also in Germany , United States and < strong> Netherlands . You can find them for sale on Ebay , Hobbii and Ritohobby . Here in Norway it can also be found on a shop called Panduro .

It is of excellent quality and perfect for our handmade dolls . Also if you have to work with different shades of color like me, this line of yarn is available in different colors and shades in 50 and 200 g sizes. It is also 100% cotton mercerized and gassed which makes it shiny, resistant and easy to work with. For those who do not know, the words “mercerized and gassed” is a treatment that receives the yarn that gives the yarn unique characteristics that without them would be a simple cotton yarn.

The mercerized treatment makes it durable, more resistant and with a perfect structure for the body of our dolls . On the other hand, the “gassed” treatment makes it silky, malleable, enhancing its colors. In short, this treatment makes the cotton thread more easy to work , more resistant and shiny .

Järbo states that the threads are produced in an ecological and eco-sustainable way , respecting animals, nature and the environment. This means that Järbo only works with certified suppliers , protecting animal rights . This also includes the non-use of chemicals and toxic products during the manufacture of the products.

Technical features:

Material: 100% cotton, gassed and mercerized
Group: 2
Ball length: about 50 g. 170m
Needles : 2.5 – 3.0mm (I use 130-150 and 175mm for Amigurumi)
Yarn tension : 10x10cm (knitting needles 3.0 mm 27/36), (crochet hook 2.5-3.0 mm 26/30)
Washing machine up to 60 ° C
Do not iron
Wash separately
Drying: horizontal
Dryer: light and partial

The shop where I bought it: here.

What do you think of the mercerized yarn?

Hope this post was useful for someone!
A big kiss to all of you girls and boys 😉

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