I like that she sits down | Crochet doll Coraline

Make this cute crochet Amigurumi doll inspired by the movie “Coraline and the Magic Door” and make your little girl happy! A Coraline crochet doll is a quick and easy crochet pattern that you can make in no time. She will absolutely love it as a gift.

This crochet doll is the second wonderful design I created especially for Coraline lovers, who love to collect dolls.

Coraline, practical details

Coraline’s yellow rain jacket with striped socks are very beautiful and trendy, just like her.

This gift is perfect for birthdays, Christmas, or when you visit a friend! Perfect for babies, children or adults, a gift that is good for the whole family! He will surely fill his new home with joy! She arms are perfect for little girls’ hands who like to take dolls everywhere. You can’t understand how cool it to hold this baby doll. It is soft and just the right size to decorate a bedroom, a piece of furniture, a child’s bed or simply to hug.

By changing the eyes of embroidered eye buttons, the doll becomes perfectly suitable for any age of children. Do not put the button on the jacket and remove the bag for children under 3 years old.

A perfect face shape | Crochet Doll Coraline

Once finished, the crochet “Coraline doll 2″ it should measure approximately ~10.0” inches tall. In metric measurements, the doll Coraline 2 should be approximately
~25 cm tall.

The Pattern

The skirt is little different from the original, but I like it a lot | Crochet doll Coraline


If, on the other hand, you like to crochet, you can make your own doll by following the recipe I am making for you (coming soon), always available on my Etsy shop!
The price is negligible and also remember that you can contact me for any explanation you need (in Italian, Portuguese, English or Norwegian).

The Amigurumi doll model includes instructions for the beautiful jacket and also a handbag. Plus, this is a good crochet project for intermediate and experienced crocheters, but with a little patience and time, even beginners can make this doll.

For example you can find other Patterns about:

Don’t miss my videos

Also in my youtube channel “Fernanda’s craft room” you will find many explanatory videos, some on the basic concepts of Amigurumi, some on advanced techniques, and some details of the dolls I made.

Surprise a loved one with this Coraline amigurumi doll today!

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