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Today’s post presents a bit of the history of the Amigurumi and how I got into the magical world of crochet.
Amigurumi is a technique developed by the Japanese that consists of making crochet dolls.
They can be dolls, animals and even inanimate objects, and their name, Amigurumi, is made up of two Japanese words:
the Japanese word «Ami», which means knitting or crochet, and the word «Nuigurumi», which means stuffed doll.

Each Amigurumi is unique, handmade and customizable. This is why many in Japan do not consider it a doll, but
a kind of amulet with a spiritual meaning.
Since the 1990s, this technique has had a boom and has been exported throughout the West, creating a true « amigurumimanía ».

Did you find it difficult!?

Relax, it’s easy, you can do it anywhere and create precious items to donate and sell.
You can find interesting information on how to do them at this link here

The remote origins of Amigurumi dolls

O Manual do Amigurumi & Crochê | Receitas de Ferdi

This Japanese art form is unique, because with needle, thread and a little filling, you can create countless characters.
Making dolls is nothing new. Many cultures have created dolls and toys by combining different materials and techniques.

So why is Amigurumi so special?

Nobody knows , but maybe they are special, because they convey love and joy without the need for words. Or because they calm children with anxiety or depression.
Or why many people find this Amigurumi making activity rewarding. What is certain is that they are special, in addition to the reasons we try to imagine.

Some historians think that the origin of this art can be found in China, where there is evidence of knitted dolls during the Shang dynasty.
And at the beginning of the 17th century, thanks to the commercial exchange between China and Japan, the Amigurumi crossed borders without the need for a visa or passport.
In the late 19th century, Amigurumi continued to spread widely, while the form of weaving continued to expand as a technique.

Do you believe that the famous samurai warriors , those honorable men, used the crochet technique to decorate their katana, winter clothes, gloves and even socks?

Finally, our adorable dolls became popular between 2003 and 2006 when thousands of models and video tutorials, like mine here,
started circulating online teaching people how to do them.
Today, Amigurumi is more than just a fun crochet technique, as we can create and design classic animals and toys, inanimate objects and pop culture characters.
You can purchase my pieces and recipes via the Etsy shop by clicking on here.

Do you want to learn how to make Amigurumi and don’t know where to start?

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