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Today the post is a review on an advent calendar , more precisely its Biotherm brand. At Christmas we are all caught up in the mountain of commitments and things to do and then eventually we get stressed out not knowing what to give our girls, right! Today I will talk about creams, calendar, gifts and how to make a girl / woman happy without breaking the bank.

Beauty calendar for 2020

I am addicted to beauty, I confess, and I am that person with a huge stock of beauty related products. However, I like to invest in products that I really like and really use.
That’s why the Biotherm Advent Calendar is perfect for someone like me who loves the brand but has always wanted to try different products. This wonderful beauty kit allows us to test different types of products that we otherwise would not have purchased.

Biotherm advent calendar – Receitas de Ferdi

Inside the advent calendar box are 24 surprises that make up a nice variety of skin care products. I think it would be a nice gift for anyone who doesn’t know the brand yet or even wants to shop for themselves. With this box you can try a bit of everything and choose which is your favorite among the Aquasource , Life Plankton , Biosource , Blue Therapy and other Biotherm lines .

Some of my favorite products in the box are Blue Therapy Red Algae Uplift firming face wrinkle creams, Life Plankton Elixir serum, Aquasource Gel for normal and combination skin, Lait Corporel and Biomains hand treatment!

What’s in the box

Biotherm advent calendar – Receitas de Ferdi

Below you can see the list of all the products in the package. The list is quite interesting and very different from the list of products included in other advent calendars.

– Life Plankton Sensitive Emulsion 10ml x2: essential moisturizing treatment, which soothes and strengthens the skin.
– Biosource Foaming Cream Dry Skin 20ml: a rich facial cleanser that turns into foam on contact with water and that can cleanse the skin by removing makeup, leaving the skin clean, supple and comfortable.
– Biosource Foaming Cream Normal Skin 20ml: This translucent cleansing gel with rebalancing zinc enriched with microbeads produces a delicate foam that combines cleansing with deep exfoliation. Eliminates impurities and dead cells, the skin is stimulated, smoothed and appears more uniform.
– Beurre de Lèvres 5ml x2: plumping and smoothing lip balm
– Blue Therapy Eye 5ml: the Blue Therapy eye contour treatment works on visible skin damage to reveal its younger and brighter appearance.
– Biomains 20ml: hand treatment that strengthens the barrier function of the skin with moisturizing agents and vitamin F.
– Lait Corporel 20ml: Delightfully soft and extraordinarily fresh, this daily body milk instantly helps skin appear smooth and soft
– Lait de Douche Cleansing Shower Milk 20ml: the first Biotherm shower milk with citrus essences
– Blue Therapy Red Algae Uplift 10ml x2: Our intensive face firming wrinkle cream is enriched with red algae to repair visible aging. Redefined contours, smooth and radiant skin. For all skin types, including sensitive skin.
– Aquasource Gel for normal and combination skin 15ml: day after day, hydrates the skin to restore its natural ability to shine.
– Aquasource Night Spa 20ml: triple action spa effect night balm for hydrated, soothed and smooth skin.
– Blue Therapy Accelerated 10ml: day treatment to combat the three most visible signs of aging – wrinkles, dark spots and loss of firmness.
– Life Plankton Essence 14ml: this essential skincare treatment is concentrated like a serum, but light like a cosmetic water for maximum absorption and deep efficacy.
– Biosource Toner Normal to Mixed Skin 30ml: more than a simple tonic, it acts as an exfoliant, freeing the skin of impurities and dead cells and revealing its natural brightness. It tones and leaves the skin clean and fresh.
– Biosource Eau Micellaire 30ml: a complete cleansing and makeup removal action that combines effectiveness and delicacy. Its formula is fresh and not dry it gives the skin a feeling of softness and purity.
– Biosource Total Renew Oil 30ml: for a double cleansing, removes long-lasting foundation, lipstick and waterproof eye makeup without drying the skin.
– Blue Therapy Accelerated Cream 15ml: the skin is hydrated, the skin tone is rosy and radiant and the contours are redesigned.
– Blue Therapy Cream In Oil 10ml: nourishes your skin and repairs visible aging quickly. Even dry skin visibly regains smoothness, elasticity and radiance in just 2 weeks.
– Life Plankton Elixir 7ml x2: essential serum that defends, soothes and regenerates the skin, promoting the cell renewal process.
– Biocils Waterproof 30ml: This gentle, fluid and biphasic formula quickly dissolves waterproof makeup while gently cleaning the eye area without leaving an oily film.

Personally I liked this box a lot, even if I’m not sure which products I will buy back. It will be an interesting experience to use all these products and then decide which one I liked the most 🙂 In a nutshell, I think this calendar is difficult to describe because the brand itself says it all.

What do you think of the Biotherm Advent Calendar ?

Hope this review was helpful!
A big kiss to all of you girls.

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