This super simple crochet cord handmade is a great to use in many jobs that require a cord.

So today I’ll give you instructions for an easy understanding on how to make this beautiful crochet cord. Also I leave you written here the techniques used, necessary materials and video guide.

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  • skill level
  • what you need
  • stitches used in this project
  • pattern
  • video tutorial

Skill level

  • beginner

What do you need to make this crochet project?

  • crochet needle that matches your thread size
    In the video tutorial I used a 3.50 mm needle.


  • scissors and sewing needle

Stitches used in this crochet cord project

CH – chain
SC – single crochet
T – turn the work

If you are starting out and are not very familiar with crochet, you may be interested in my beginner crochet course on Youtube. Check!


2 chain stitches


1. Go back and enter the first chain, take the yarn and extract a loop, take the yarn again and go through the two loops and rotate the work.
2. Skip a stitch (a V-shaped bridge) after the needle, yarn the needle under the loop, take the yarn and pull out a loop, take the yarn again and pass through the two loops, turn the work.

Now we would always have two loops on the left

3. * Thread the hook in the two left loops, take the yarn, extract ONLY two loops, take the yarn again, extract the other two loops and turn *

Repeat round number 3 up to the length you want.

If you still have difficulties, watch my video on Yuotube!

Note: if the video posted in the Youtube if it seems difficult, you can try to put it in full screen or click the button below video. So you can look at it in full size🙂

Now try to do it and tell me in the comments what you think 🙂
Hope you like it!

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