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Anyone who knows me knows that I love having very soft and moisturized lips especially in winter. So I am always looking for strong products and able to create a barrier against the cold, especially against the glacial temperatures in Norway. Well, an innovative new lip balm from Avène is the breakthrough of the moment.


I like to apply at home with clean hands because the version I have is in a jar without an applicator.
The advantage of this type of packaging is that it is usually larger, which means that you have more product and save money. The disadvantage is that it is large to carry in the bag and does not usually come with an applicator accessory.

How I use it

I use it at night as an intensive treatment to repair my chapped and dry lips here in Norway. It tastes like vanilla and cotton candy and is very moisturizing.

I have very sensitive skin and this lip repair was recommended by my dermatologist here in Norway, the same one she uses! This lip balm leaves the skin of the lips soft and with a wonderful sensation of light freshness and relief. I’m super happy with the results! Yes, I highly recommend this product to you who are suffering from dry lips and to you who live in cold places!

Dermatologically recommended

Another thing I want to clarify is that it is not just a lip balm, but a lip balm. That’s because many of the “lip balms” only protect the lips when they are not yet damaged. “Avène Cold Cream lip butter” repairs the lips damaged by the cold, giving softness and relief after small applications.

So, what is your lip balm that saves your life? Tell me in the comments!

Regards and see you next post!

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