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Today I brought you the review of a treatment mask for reconstruction of TRESemmé that is super cheap and easy to find in pharmacies and supermarkets. So I really hope you like this type of post with more beauty content. Leave your comment below and subscribe to my channel!

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I always recommend cheap masks on my channel, which I use to recover my hair. And I am already telling you that this mask is not released for any of the LOW and NO POO techniques, because it contains petrolatum in its form and also has silicone.

TRESemmé treatment mask for reconstruction:

The purpose of this mask is to recover the strands and to treat the hair, especially brittle hair with porosity. From what I understand, this mask will provide a deep repair of brittle hair and Extra protection to the strands. Its formula contains vitamin B5 .


Provitamin B5 or Panthenol is used as an alternative treatment for hair loss due to its supposed ability to penetrate, strengthen and thicken hair. Panthenol is good for preventing hair loss.
But do you know what it’s great for? To hydrate!

Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine

It is a conditioning agent that helps to untangle the threads giving the sensation of “fainting”. In the first application you already felt that the hair detangles more easily, reducing static electricity and contributing to the reduction of frizz. This is because it does not allow your hair to lose moisture, nor does it allow moisture from the air to pass into your hair, thus avoiding Frizz . This agent is present in virtually all masks in the Tresemmé line. Read labels!

This agent will also:

  • Decreases split ends: the dreaded split ends are temporarily sealed by conditioning agents.
  • Help with brightness: the light reflects better on the threads since the scales are well sealed. These conditioning people force the closure, increasing the cuticle’s adhesion with the scale and creating a film around each strand.
  • Improves flexibility: because the scales of the cuticle close, preventing the breakage of the hair when you comb, sleep or touch it. Remember that well-conditioned hair is less brittle!
  • Negative point: the conditioning effect is temporary.

In short

Basically the function of this mask is to regenerate the hair fiber, filling the damaged areas, sealing the cuticles and preventing breakage. The reaction time of this mask is 3 to 5 minutes and the brand recommends that you use it with their other products.
You can see the step by step of how I applied it on my channel.

Final Result

The hair looks loose and hydrated without weighing!

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