Damaged hair?

The solution is Garnier Fructis Hair Food triple use hair mask.

Garnier launches his nutritional proposal and calls it with a suggestive name: “HAIR FOOD” which means… hair food!

After showing the papaya mask I chose to try on and reporting my first impressions on my YouTube channel. Finally, today I am ready to go into more detail and tell you about my experience with these Garnier hair masks.

If you don’t always read me, you may not yet know that the posts dedicated to hair care is absolutely something new here on my blog. So any tips and news that I see in the hair care area immediately enter my sphere of attention!
That said, let’s go to our review today!

What does the brand say about Hair Food masks?

The brand explains that Hair Food masks are triple use beauty treatments for hair and offered in four different formulas, as needed.

Papaya to repair dry and damaged hair, Banana to nourish, Macadamia to smooth hard-to-straight hair and Goji Berries to preserve the color of dyed hair.

Different ways to use

  • treatment mask , when the hair needs extra care;
  • “leave in” combing cream , to untangle and remove frizz from the hair;
  • conditioner , to untangle hair quickly.

The mask contains 98% ingredients of plant origin, is paraben-free and has a delicious fragrance (which makes you want to eat the product by spoon), which persists in the hair in a non-irritating way. The formula is ultralight and can be used on oily hair, as it does not weigh on the strands and leaves them very loose.
Your hair will be nourished, soft, stronger, shiny, without overloading it.

My opinion

As you read in the description, this cream can be used as a conditioner, as a cream without rinsing and as a mask.

I’m mainly using it as a mask after shampoo. Only a few times have I used it as a styling cream, and I can say that it left no residue on the pillow or hair. The next morning the hair was very soft and fragrant.

The texture of the mask is very creamy and has a delicious fruit scent.
I apply it on the entire end of the hair, concentrating more product on the dehydrated, brittle and burnt parts. Then I put a cap on and let it sit for 1 hour. Then I remove the product with water and do my finishing normally.

After drying, it is much softer and smells of fruit, and the fragrance remains for at least 2/3 days. Over time, I noticed that the ends are healthier, the hair is much less dry, with an excellent shade of color and remains soft until the next wash.


  • hydrates oily hair without weighing it;
  • provides volume and softness;
  • enhances the shine of dyed hair.

Negative points

  • does no miracle on super dry hair;
  • is not one of those masks that immediately detangles the hair;
  • loses definition in the day after;
  • not very good for a quick shower treatment.

The price of the Fructis Hair Food papaya and banana mask is around 50 and 60 kroner on average here in Norway, and the bottle contains 390 ml of product.

My experience with the Garnier Fructis Hair Food Papaya and banana hair mask is more than positive!

I haven’t tried the other variants yet and I won’t hide that I’m particularly curious to try Macadamia and Goji Berries .

Bonus: do not wash the towel that you have dried your hair on, but place it in a corner inside the house close to the fan, dehumidifier or air conditioner. The scent of the cream will scent the entire environment with the scent of fruit!

Do you know these new hair masks? You have tried? What are your impressions of them?

If you want, we can talk about it together in the comments!

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